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About Us

Private is a family run business based in the North East of the UK launched in 2016.

Having the enjoyment of owning private plates ourselves and with 20 years' previous experience in the motor trade, we felt it was time to become more involved in something in which we are passionate about and have a keen interest.

Customer satisfaction is our main priority.  Our aim is to ensure that once you have purchased your number plate from Private and see it displayed on your vehicle, you will become a returning customer and, perhaps, recommend us to your family and friends.

Our 'PLATES FOR SALE' listings will be updated on a daily basis.  The number plates for sale are from our own stock, number plates being sold on behalf of our clients and from stock unissued by the government.

If you are considering a specific number plate, or a number plate containing specific letters or numbers, you can submit the details to us by clicking on our 'CONTACT US' tab.  We will then assist you to try and find your number plate.

  Ian and Anne.

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